“What are Encounter Groups?”

As a participant in a group encounter weekend, I wanted to give each of us a better understanding of the purpose, the approach, and flow of our experience together.

Initially, I would like to discuss a source of man’s needs as a means to give purpose to our encounter: Human needs are met through interactions with our environment – in large part through our actions with other people. The way we relate to others largely affects the quality of the fulfillment of our needs moment to moment, as we move through life. How we relate to new experience is driven by the nature of our past, and gives us a point of reference to our current condition. As an example, if we have been raised with full support, encouragement, and acceptance, we are more likely to be less afraid of trying a new business venture, or approaching a person of the opposite sex. We are less anxious, more authentic and relaxed.  As an analogy, a plant grows to its fullest potential in fertile, and less barren soil.

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