Contact and Growth – Part 1

As I take in my morning cup of coffee, and reflect upon this last weekend’s encounter group experience, I find myself thinking through the usual questions about the purpose of our group, and what we are “supposed” to do together.  I want to move in this direction now by discussing the subject of “contact”.

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  1. John Phillips says:

    Good post. Depak Chopra says “accept and allow”. My interpretation of those words tells me that we all make choices and we all live with the consequences of those choices. We do the least harm by simply accepting others as they are and allowing them the space to live with the choices they make. There is nothing personal about the choices others make, much as we’d like to “read something in to” everything they say and do.
    Last weekend’s encounter group was excellent for those who made the choice to participate, and not as good for those who were uncomfortable with the process. Everyone got exactly what they wanted, or expected. Very successful.

  2. David says:

    Thanks, John. I need to remind myself of this, because through this kind of unconditional acceptance, it permits risking and trust building in the future.

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