What We Do

Separate. Relieve, Connect, and Educate. Integrate.

Both parents and teens need a place to share their frustrations, and search for solutions to their problems. Initially, parents need to talk with other parents; teens with teens. Separate teen and parent encounter groups are established so that  close connections and dialogue between like-minded individuals can take place. Considerable time and effort is expended to make sure that relationships within the group are based on mutual trust, care, and respect.

The Teen Encounters program is largely experiential. Although we believe that, although skills vital to communication and problem resolution can be taught, they are only effective when they are based upon deep, loving, mutually helping relationships between family members. These types of relationships must be experienced, rather than learned, in order to take root.

We understand the importance of both the emotional and cognitive/instructional learning components of setting up a long-term successful family environment. Our program respects and incorporates both learning of the heart and of the mind.


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