In Action Again

In Action Again

What do teens really think about their family lives? Can they take responsibility for their own decisions and outcomes, despite challenges at home?


Scenario given to a group of teens

I asked a group of teens to read a note that I had received, written to me by a fellow teenager. The note describes the teen’s frustration with her parents, and the decisions she has made about her future, despite her angst at home.

I then asked the group to describe their own family situation, and the decisions they envision making for themselves in their lives.


What I l read in the responses

teen relationships with each parent are unique and distinct

. teens resent being “talked down to”

.teens enjoy being treated as individuals with choices

.teens like to give and receive respect

.they have their own set of values, despite their parents’

.they can get behind a cause, if is important to them

.teen life is full of confusion

.what happens growing up has great significance to teens

.some teens hide in an imaginary world when it is unpleasant elsewhere


My thoughts

I can imagine this kind of insight into the thinking of today’s teens would be somewhat shocking for some parents, but helpful in many respects.  I also think that type of open sharing amongst fellow teenagers help builds strong relationships for further group work and emotional growth.

Feedback from Teens on Family…