Youth Effectiveness Training

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Remember what it was like being a teenager? 

Adolescence usually means a struggle for teenagers to find out who they are, what strengths they have, and what will give them feelings of personal achievement and high self-esteem.   Some teenagers find it painfully hard to make friends, and even when they do, those relationships can be rocky and bring deep disappointments. Adolescence is also a period in which there are inevitable conflicts with parents and others.

Kids need all the help we can give them as they try to move from childhood toward becoming a responsible and productive adult.

Youth Effectiveness Training (Y.E.T.) is a unique program that helps kids effectively handle the challenges of growing up.

What is learned?

All Y.E.T. workshops are taught by certified Instructors, from Teen Encounters, Huntington Beach.  They use standardized, detailed instructor and participant materials that have been developed by Gordon Training International.

The workshop includes creative activities, games and materials that appeal to kids and uses role playing and other engaging exercises that make it fun for them to learn the Y.E.T. skills. There are opportunities for kids to share common problems; the climate in the workshop helps kids feel accepted and understood; and there is a healthy balance between structured learning experiences and free and open discussion.

Who is it for?

It is designed for youth between the ages of 12 and 18 years, both those who are coping rather well and also those who are having difficulty taking responsibility for their lives or those having problems at school or strained relationships at home or with friends.

Y.E.T. provides youth with healthy alternatives to self-defeating coping mechanisms such as rebellion, retaliation, lying, running away, using drugs and the like. Kids learn how to take more responsibility for their own needs and decisions. And they learn how to develop better relationships with their friends and family. As a result, their self-esteem and self-confidence increases. And these are skills youth can use in all areas of their lives and for a lifetime.

Y.E.T. Outline

Youth Effectiveness Training is an 18-hour program which is divided into 12 90-minute segments:

In Order –  Tuning In To Yourself, The Behavior Window, Talking Straight, Tuning into Others, Listening to Help a Friend, When You Have a Problem, How to Say What You Feel, Overcoming Fear, Conflict in Relationships, Resolving Conflicts so No One Loses, Relating to People Who Are Different, Your Action Plan